PMA BIOTEL ORGANIC SOLUTIONS provides a range of professionally engineered aerobic biodigester systems to convert diverse organic waste materials into high value products such as pathogen-free organic fertilizer within 24 hours or less.

By using high temperature (thermophilic) micro-organisms the Biotel process is much faster than conventional composting methods or anaerobic digestion and kills pathogenic organisms without the need for external heat.

The processing capabilities are quite extraordinary. Materials considered difficult or impossible with anaerobic composters or biogas can easily be handled by our thermophilic digesters. Blood, offal, bone, feathers, manure, carcasses, palm fruit waste, food, agricultural wastes and many, many more can be processed with ease.

Biotel uses simple but reliable technology to rapidly convert mixed organic materials, including Category 3 Animal By-Products, into high quality soil amendment and fertilizer products giving you a rapid return on investment.

The high speed processing results in much smaller systems compared to, for example, biogas systems of equivalent throughput. Instead of days or weeks the process only takes a few hours and doesn't require external heat: sustainable, clean, automated, scalable and odourless. 

The process guarantees pathogen kill and complies with current UK Animal By-Product Regulations 2003, EC 1774/2002 and US EPA503 Regulations.



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