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Philip Moore, CEO

Prof. Michael H.G. Hayes

Roger Benfield
Mfd. Product Consultant

Joan Koning
Intl. Sales Manager

Philip Moore is a qualified mechanical engineer who began his career as an apprentice in the English auto industry. He quickly progressed to senior line management/manufacturing for large companies in the UK as well as abroad. In 1987 he left the auto industry to focus on the unchecked pollution in the world's ozone layer and the effects we now call Global warming. Philip has dedicated himself to projects that minimise pollution. In 1989 he started with a large scale recycling project to divert 100,000 tonnes of untreated MSW per year from landfill disposal in JV with a UK municipal authority. This project made Moore realise that there was a lack of basic process technology available to convert organic wastes into bio-safe products. Since 1994 his mission has been to create and prove by practical operation clean tec-bio process systems that convert organic waste into sustainable products, offering positive benefits to the community. Philip has created a core team of multidiscipline specialists and scientists who all share his environmental and ethical beliefs.

Prof. Michael H. B. Hayes - MSc (Cornell), PhD (Ohio State) - Prior to 2004 his major research interests (during his tenure in the School of Chemistry of the University of Birmingham, 1960-1998) were primarily focussed on the chemistry of soil organic matter, the interactions between anthropogenic organic chemicals and clays and humic substances, the interactions of water and of natural and synthetic polymers with clays and (hydr)oxides and the relevance of these to soil structure and to the properties of drilling muds. Since 2004 he has concentrated mainly on second generation biorefining, and on the chemistry and interactions of humic substances. Prof. Hayes is a Past President of the International Humic Substances Society, has held the Chairmanship of Commission II (Soil Chemistry) of the International Society of Soil Science (now IUSS), was elected to Membership of the Royal Irish Academy, and to Honorary memberships of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), and of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS). He is co-editor of ten books dealing with Soil Colloids (including Humic Substances), and author of numerous articles in Scientific Journals, Chapters in Books, and Conference Proceedings.

Roger Benfield began as a farm apprentice, then farm manager - responsible for arable, grassland and livestock enterprises. At Brackenhurst (now part of Nottingham Trent Unniversity) he studied agricultural science, soil and business modules. He worked on special projects in Surrey with high profile clients such as Royal Farms. He was technical representative with German based agricultural chemical company, Bayer, advising on arable and grassland production in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. As senior manager of an agricultural co-operative in Mid Wales, his role was advising farmers on soil management, grassland and arable production. Roger entered the waste industry as farm manager for company farms in South Wales, Kent and Sussex. He was directly involved in the interpretation of waste analyses, developing waste applications applicable to a wide geographical area - South West UK, South East, East Anglia, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria. Now a consultant, he provides permitting applications, agricultural advice and technical back-up to clients. He also is involved in waste processing developments including AD and ATAD, pyrolisis, and slow reaction digestion to produce phyto-hormones.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Joan Koning began with Philips Electronics in Eindhoven in the production of machines and systems for consumer/medical products. During that time he earned a Masters in Business Administration in Diepenbeek, Belgium. Later Joan entered international sales & product management with Philips in CNC and PLC controls for machine production. After leaving Philips Electronics, Mr. Koning went to international sales in a trading company - again, machine production. Next he became international sales and marketing manager with a water purification company of sewage/waste and drinking water. Later he became partner in a management consulting company for seven years. Now he owns his own management consultancy firm, K-TEC International, based in the Netherlands, and focuses on international projects.