Biotel Plants

A unique proprietary, stable, versatile and environmentally sound way of managing any mix of organic or food wastes, including Category 3 Animal By-products (ABP). It is the result of many years of rigorous testing and development and based on an established Autogenous Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) technology. It is proven, certified and highly effective.

Schematic Process Diagram:

  • The organic waste materials are pre-treated to optimise digestion.
  • The Mesophilic Reactor provides controlled microbial waste digestion and heating.
  • The Thermophilic Reactors are specially designed to give accelerated microbial growth and natural heating.
  • Proprietary process control ensures the success of the process.
  • The combination of high temperature pasteurization (75-95C; 167-203F) and microbial digestion activity kills all pathogens to meet UK, EC and US Animal By Product Regulations, whilst retaining important soil nutrients within the material.
  • From food waste input to fertiliser output takes typically 24 hours or less.
  • The end products are available in liquid or solid form and can be applied to agricultural land using commercially available spreaders and sprayers.
  • The products are effective in rebuilding damaged, depleted soils and improving soil fertility, resulting in increased crop yields and the cultivation of healthy, nutrient rich plants.


Office opening in USA - 2014