Biotel Plants

Acceptable Waste Streams

The Biotel process can manage a wide range of organic waste materials, including:

  • Abattoir Biowastes – Category 3 ABP material and bloods
  • Municipal solid waste - organic element
  • Vegetable & fruit processing wastes
  • Palm oil process residues and effluents
  • Food industry wastes (raw and cooked)
  • Organic residues from food wholesale or retail, including time expired products
  • Cheese, whey & other dairy products
  • Bakery & brewing wastes
  • Fish processing waste, including offal
  • Animal manures & chicken litter
  • Sewage & waste water treatment sludges
  • Paper industry sludges
  • Seaweed residues and algae

Prior to accepting an organic waste stream a Biowaste Characterisation and Product
Reuse Test (BCPR) is undertaken - a detailed feasibility study, which includes total
analysis and characterisation of the organic residues generated by the potential client.

Waste Streams


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